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Jimmy Carter
Habitat's First Hammer, On the Job In D.C.

Students Fight Against Sweatshops
People holding sign, No turning Back
Inaugural Protests Biggest since Vietnam
Protestors: Army School has "New Name, Same Shame"
19 Nov 2000, Columbus, Ga. -- Despite a steady rain and frigid temperatures, more than 5,000 protesters chanted, prayed and stomped in the mud around Ft. Benning Nov. 19 with a common demand: close the U.S. Army School of the Americas.
Treesit Ends in Arrests
Minneapolis, 11 Dec. 2000 -- Opponents of a controversial road project shouted their defiance over the buzz of chain saws and logging equipment as workers cut a swath through the trees and brush east of Hiawatha Avenue in South Minneapolis.
"Granny D" Goes to Washington
Wash. D.C., 10 July 2000 --Doris "Granny D" Haddock was arrested with six other protestors shortly after 2 p.m. by Capital Hill Police immediately after she entered the U.S. Capitol Rotunda and began reading aloud from the Bill of Rights.
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